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The Nursery children settled into their new environment during the first half of the Autumn term. The topic was ‘Ourselves’. This enabled us to get to know the children. The children learnt the Nursery routine and became acquainted with the rules. The topic for second half of the Autumn term was Celebrations. We also learnt about the effects of Autumn.

Communication & Language

The children have been taking part in lots of activities to develop their speaking and listening skills. These have included playing listening games and taking part in class discussions. Sharing Henry Bear’s diary has helped to develop the children’s confidence when speaking in front of a group. The children have been working hard at developing their ability to identifying rhyming words and they are rapidly becoming experts.


We have been learning lots of counting songs and taking part in counting activities. The topic has given us the opportunity to explore the areas of 2D shape and pattern through printing firework pictures. We also looked at size using the book ‘Owl Babies’. We have worked on developing our understanding of positional language by describing the hiding places of Little Elf and Big Elf before Christmas. During the last week before half term maths week took place. The children learnt about patterns using the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’.


The topic of ‘Ourselves’ has seen the children recreate their faces and they used their senses to discover more about their likes and dislikes. During the first half term the school celebrated Black History week. The children listened to the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and enjoyed tasting the exotic fruits featured in the book and making African drums. During the celebration of Diwali we made Diva lamps and learned about the story of Rama and Sita. The children also enjoyed taking part in a Diwali dance workshop. To celebrate fireworks night we combined our learning in the areas of maths and design to make individual firework pictures and a classroom display. We have also learnt about the preparations that animals make in the Autumn for the Winter months. We made owls and hedgehogs using clay and created cosy homes for them out of boxes. In November the children made poppies and observed the minutes silence for Remembrance Day, which they managed exceedingly well. Prior to Christmas the children made Reindeer Christmas cards, star tree decorations and Christmas pudding crispy cakes.




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Our topic for the first half of the Spring term was Nursery Rhymes and Traditional tales. We developed our listening skills by listening to and joining in with lots of rhyming texts. The children enjoyed demonstrating their knowledge of traditional tales by joining in with the repeated refrains in “Goldilocks and the 3 Bears” and “The 3 Little Pigs and The Big Bad Wolf” amongst other stories. The school celebrated the stories of Roald Dahl during Book Week which took place during the final week before the Easter holidays. The Nursery listened to and took part in many activities inspired by the story of ‘The Enormous Crocodile’.


The last week of the first half term was Science Week. The children learnt about minibeasts and were given the opportunity to handle different types during ‘The Bug Show’. I was very impressed with how intrepid and gentle the children were.The second half of the term saw us learning about Spring and the signs of new life that occur in the environment at this time.  We enjoyed a visit from the mobile farm and the children had great fun interacting with some of the animals that we had been learning about. The children were particularly excited to meet and feed the lambs.

We also celebrated Chinese New Year. The children made Lucky envelopes and Chinese drums. They also enjoyed watching the Chinese New Year celebrations on the IWB and took part in some dragon dancing themselves.The children also took part in a whole school art project which involved everyone creating their own butterfly. These were put together to create a stunning display for the hall. During this half term the children also made Mother’s Day cards.  We also enjoyed a visit from The Little Monster theatre group.



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The topic for the first half of the term was growth, while the second half of the term saw the Nursery learn about minibeasts.


We have looked at books which feature stories about things that can be grown such as Jasper’s Beanstalk, Titch, Oliver’s Vegetables and The Enormous Turnip in Summer 1. The children have enjoyed joining in with the stories and sometimes acting them out. In Summer 2 we have been enjoying the stories of Eric Carle including The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Bad-tempered Ladybird, The very Quiet Cricket and The Very Busy Spider. In Phonics the morning nursery children have been continuing to learn different letter sounds and to use that knowledge to identify the letters contained in simple words, as well as developing their ability to recognise words that rhyme. In the afternoon the children have been continuing to develop their ability to identify initial sounds, as well their rhyming skills. We have also had lots of opportunities to develop our mark making skills and practice writing our names.


In Summer 1 the children practised their counting skills using the fruit and vegetables in the Farm Shop role play area. They also took part in many other counting activities as well as developed their ability to recognise numerals. We learnt how to use positional language to describe where other children were located accurately. In Summer 2 we learnt about what more and less meant by playing lots of games which involved counting and collecting items. Our minibeast theme involved a lot of work on patterns and 2-D shapes. We have also been playing lots of Numeracy games on the Interactive Whiteboard.

Creative Curriculum

In Summer 1 the children planted and grew some wonderful beanstalks and used grass seed to make their ’grass heads’. We learnt about Cressida Dick for London History Day and the children dressed as their heroes. We also celebrated St George’s Day by decorating biscuits to look like flags, and made flags and bunting to celebrate the royal wedding.

In Summer 2 the children enjoyed watching our baby caterpillars grow, make cocoons and turn into butterflies. During creative curriculum week we learnt about our local area and for Global Citizens’ Day how Fair Trade helps farmers to be paid a fair price for their produce. The children have also enjoyed making their Father’s Day cards and clothes peg butterflies.