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Ash Class

Summer Term - 2018/19

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Spring Term - 2018/19

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Autumn Term - 2018/19


It was a very busy term in Ash class. We started it by introducing ourselves, making new friends and settling into the school routine. We read lots of stories about starting school and decided that we will always try our best and be kind to each other. We talked about our interests and hobbies, about the things we like and our families. We noticed that sometimes we enjoy different things but we can still be the best of friends. We really enjoyed learning about ‘People who help us’ and thinking about our future professions. Everyone practised writing their name and made their own name badge. During our phonics lessons, we had fun singing songs and doing the actions whilst learning our sounds. We found out that ‘a digraph’ is not a monster but two letters making one sound and we can now recognise digraphs in words. We played the rhyming games and can now spot rhyming words in texts and even think of our own rhymes. At the end of October our exciting space journey had begun. We closed our eyes and dreamed about going to space and having a picnic on the Moon like a bear from the book ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy. We found out that space can be a dangerous place with all its stars, asteroids, comets and the planets, so we were very wise and planned our trip well. Our very special lunchboxes were ready in no time and every piece of food was labelled!

Inspired by the book ‘Laura’s Star’ by Klaus Baumgart we wrote our wishes on star shapes which we then shared with the class. Our dreams were so big that after reading ‘The Blue Balloon’ book by Mick Inkpen, we decided to release our own balloon into the sky. We wrote a special message and attached it to the balloon. We waved, cheered and cried looking at the balloon disappearing in the misty, grey sky. Where did it go? Who will find it?


This term we have been practising our counting skills up to 20 and we must have counted almost everything in our classroom. We learnt that each number can be represented in different ways and matched numbers of objects to numerals. We became the magicians and made our own numbers by adding two numbers together and even started writing our first addition and subtraction number sentences.

We became problem solvers and enjoyed practical work with the objects. We started practising counting in 2’s when lining up for lunch. We compared various objects by height and decided who the tallest person in our class is. We had lots of fun in supporting the school in launching the ‘Times Tables Rock Star’ website and dressing up as a rock star. We are on our way of becoming very clever mathematicians!

Creative Curriculum

This term we absolutely loved getting messy with paint, playdough, paper, glue and glitter. We painted our self-portraits and made sure that we used sensible colours. We used playdough and the objects found in the park to create the forest animals. Our imagination ran wild when we were painting the space pictures and creating our own aliens which made our classroom display look amazing. We experimented with colours and painted paper, which we used later for making the snowflakes, in different shades of blue. Our winter pictures looked fantastic because we were brave to use different techniques to create them. We drew and coloured hundreds of pictures, made special cards, playdough cookies, Christmas trees, and paper chains. We built the trains and aeroplanes, castle walls and bridges. We sang on a stage and performed in our nativity play. It certainly was a super exciting and busy term!

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