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Ash Class



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Our topics for the Autumn Term were ‘All About Me’ and ‘Space.’

We enjoyed sharing our learning with our parents and carers when they came to school for our ‘stay and play’ sessions.


At the start of the Autumn term we shared books about starting school to help us to settle in to our new Reception class.  We particularly liked ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs Go to School’ by Ian Whybrow and we thought about what we would take to school in a bucket like Harry’s.  We learned to write our names forming each letter carefully.

For our space topic we read ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy and used props in a storytelling box to retell our own versions of the story.  We made zig-zag books about the story and thought about what we would take in a box rocket to the moon and labelled these items using our initial sounds.  We loved reading ‘Aliens love underpants’ and Aliens save the world’ and designed our own alien and labelled this with descriptive words.

We loved reading ‘The Blue Balloon’ by Mick Inkpen and we let off our own blue balloon with a message that we wrote together and are hoping to get a reply to let us know how far it flew.  We read ‘Laura’s Star’ by Klaus Baumgart and wrote  our special wishes on star shapes which we then shared with the class.


We have been counting forwards and backwards to and from twenty using a counting stick, learning how to write numbers and how to order them. We have been thinking about tall and short and heavy and light items and were surprised that some big items can be light and some small items can be heavy..  We made repeating patterns on underpants for maths week and sorted these by size and pegged them on a washing line in the correct order.  We have been putting buttons on snowmen to match the numbers on their bobble hats and using tweezers to pick these up.   We have used Numicon to match quantity to numbers.   We have used fruit counters to find out what one more and two more than a number would be.  We have learnt the names of 3D shapes and matched these to things in our environment ie a cone to our football cones, a sphere to a ball.  We have also started to write simple addition and subtraction number sentences to record what we have done practically.

Creative Curriculum (UW/EAD)

We went on an Autumn walk and saw lots of signs of Autumn – yellow and orange leaves, trees losing their leaves, squirrels looking for acorns, conkers and acorns on the floor. We thought about our homes and how they were the same and different. We learnt about the planets in our solar system and what their names were and what they looked like.  We drew space maps and thought about which planets we would like to visit in a rocket or alien space ship. We weeded and planted bulbs in our outside area so that we can look at the plants that grow in the spring. We learned about Diwali and took part in a very energetic and exciting Diwali dance workshop that told the Hindu story behind the festival. We painted portraits of ourselves and selected the colours we needed very carefully. We made leaf rubbings, using wax crayons and hand printed Autumn trees. We painted colourful, glittery space pictures and invented our own planets and aliens. We enjoyed making children better in our hospital corner and using our alien space ship role play area to pretend we were visiting galaxies far away in space. We performed our Nativity and had great fun learning about the Christmas story and singing lots of Christmas songs. We made Christmas cards and decorations to prepare for Christmas. We used Beebots and were able to press the buttons to make them move to where we wanted them to go.  We have been trying out maths and literacy programs and learning how to control these by using a mouse.