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Elm Class

Summer Term - 2018/19

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Spring Term - 2018/19

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Autumn Term - 2018/19

‘All About Me’, ‘People Who Help Us’ and ‘Space’ are the exciting topics that we explored during the Autumn term.



At the start of the term we enjoyed listening to stories about starting school. We related the stories to our own experiences and discussed how we felt on our first day at school. We also spoke about the different activities we enjoyed doing in the classroom and what friends we had made. Miss Monaghan also introduced us to non-fiction books and spoke about the features of these books. We know that non-fiction books include photographs, captions, a contents page, index and glossary. As a class, we read lots of non-fiction books about various occupations, for example, about Firefighters, Police Officers, Doctors and many more. Together, we talked about how these professions help us and what we would like to work as when we get older. We also learnt our letter names, sounds and actions. We practiced how to segment and blend our sounds to read and spell words. We also used our phonic skills to complete various pieces of written work such as labelling an alien, writing a list of all the food we would like to take if we ever went into space for a picnic and a letter to Father Christmas.



During the Autumn term we practised our counting skills and can all now confidently count forwards and backwards, and order numbers correctly. We can also find one more and one less than a number. We learnt about the term ‘height’ and were able to order objects/pictures according to their height accurately. We also explored 2D and 3D shapes and can remember their names and features. Miss Monaghan introduced us to the term ‘addition’ and we used various practical resources to explore this concept further. As a class, we created various repeating patterns and displayed these in the classroom.


UW and EAD

At the start of the term we used mirrors, pencils and paint to create self-portraits. We spoke about our facial features and the importance of choosing and using sensible colours when completing an art project. We discussed the season of Autumn and went on an Autumn walk to observe the signs of the season. We also used our finger prints to create Autumn trees and displayed them in the classroom. During our space project we learnt how to use various tools on the computer to create space pictures, they looked amazing.

Miss Monaghan is so proud of us and all the hard work we have completed this term!


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