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Oak Class




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During the Autumn Term our topics have been ‘All About Me’ and ‘Space’


At the start of the Autumn term we enjoyed lots of stories about starting school. We shared how we felt and spoke about the new friends we had made. We learnt lots of new letter sounds and actions as well as practiced the letters to write our names. One of our favourite stories was ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs Go to School’ by Ian Whybrow. We shared and recorded what we would take in our very own buckets in our ‘Have a Go’ books. In October, we started to learn all about space! We read ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy, ‘The Blue Balloon’ by Mick Inkpen and ‘Laura’s Star’ by Klaus Baumgart. We wrote lists of food that we would take if we were having a picnic on the moon. We let a blue balloon of our own go and watched it disappear high into the air. We attached a message and are hoping that someone finds it soon and tells us how far it went. We wrote about where we thought our blue balloon would go and used the phonic sounds we know to help us to do this.


This term we have been practising our counting and number recognition skills up to 20. We’ve also been practising ordering numbers and finding one more and one less than a given number. We have learnt the difference between taller and shorter and have ordered houses by height. We loved learning about 2D and 3D shapes and their properties. We went on a shape hunt to find real life objects around the school that were 3D shapes. We’ve also started to practise simple addition. We enjoyed using cubes and counters to find different totals.

Creative Curriculum

During the Autumn term we painted self-portraits, taking great care to choose sensible colours. We also made Autumn trees using our finger prints and hedgehogs using leaves and glitter. They looked fantastic displayed in our room. During our space topic we made our very own rockets using the letters in our names and also made space pictures using lots of glitter and paint. We are brilliant artists in Oak Class.


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In reception our first topic this term was bears. We have enjoyed reading lots of different stories about different kinds of bears. We started the term with the book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. We enjoyed making maps of our very own bear hunt and writing about our favourite part of the story. We also read the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. We loved making sorry cards from Goldilocks to the three bears. Lastly, we looked at non-fiction texts whilst we were learning about polar bears. We now know that we can use non-fiction books to find information!

After the half term we started our new topic – growing! More specifically growing beans. We read the classic tale ‘Jack and The Beanstalk’. We enjoyed hot seating different characters and writing about how each character felt in the story. The giant was very cross that Jack was in his castle! We read another beanstalk story called ‘Jim and the Beanstalk’. Jim finds a beanstalk in his garden and meets a very lonely and sad giant. He helps him find happiness by getting him new teeth and glasses and a wig. Since Jim was so helpful we decided to write a thank you note to Jim from the giant. We also read the story ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ and looked at different fruits and vegetables that we can grow in our garden. Lastly we really enjoyed celebrating book week at Danson. Our favourite activity was designing a poster for our very own sweet!


Over the course of this term we have enjoyed lots of different maths activities. We have been practising our adding skills by counting groups of bears and groups of Arctic animals. We’ve even had a go writing our answers as number sentences. We have been learning more about 3D shapes. We have practised describing the shapes by counting their faces, corner and edges. We’ve also done lots of ordering this half term. We ordered bowls of oats by capacity and polar bears by height. We always make sure to use words like tallest and shortest!

During our growing topic we have practised our subtraction by counting groups of beans and having mum throw one away because she was cross with Jack. We have also been looking at different coins. We set up a shop for the giant to visit and practised paying using the correct coin.

Creative Curriculum

This term we have learnt all about bears and growing. We loved turning our outdoor environment into our very own bear hunt. We put on welly boots and went searching for a bear hiding at Danson. We found him in a cave just outside our classroom. While we were learning about polar bears we explored the Arctic and the different animals that live there. After reading ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ we planted our own beans. We have loved watching how the bean turns into a beanstalk. We can identify the roots, stem and leaves. We also know that plants need sunshine and water to grow! We have also been talking about people who help us. We know that dentists help keep our teeth healthy, that teachers help us learn and that farmers help us by growing delicious fruits and vegetables. We painted some fantastic people who help us!




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At the start of the summer term we enjoyed reading two different books about Handa; Handa’s Surprise and Handa’s Hen. Handa is a girl who lives in an African village in Kenya. We ordered pictures from the story Handa’s Surprise and wrote sentences to accompany them. We also took a turn at being an author and an illustrator by making our very own Handa’s Hen books. We had to be sure to use finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.

After half term, we began been reading books all about the seaside and different creatures that live under the sea.   We looked at non-fiction books about the seaside and wrote postcards. We read ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ and wrote about our favourite sandwiches. We especially loved reading ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and we did some brilliant writing about our favourite parts of the story. We have become such great writers over the course of school year.



This term in maths we have been doing lots of counting and ordering of numbers. We have been looking at coins and using them to purchase fruit at our market. We have also been working very hard at our simple addition and subtraction sums. We practiced our subtraction this term by counting groups of fruit and we had a cheeky monkey steal fruit from our basket (the same thing happened to Handa!) we then counted how much fruit we had left. We are now beginning to record our work as an equation!

As the summer term continued we began to learn all about the sharing, halving and doubling of numbers. We practiced telling time and learnt the day of the week. We even know a song to help remember them! We have loved learning more about capacity and weight this half term. We also practiced using scales to weigh different objects. We are still practicing our number formation and our number sentences. We are getting quite good at counting on and counting back to find answers. Lastly, we were challenged to create our own repeating patterns using counters. We then had to explain our pattern to our partner.

Creative Curriculum


At the start of summer term we were learning all about Africa which is where Handa lives. We have loved talking about the different animals that live in Africa, what the weather is like and what their different homes look like. They can be very different to the homes in Welling! We have made beautiful African sunset pictures. We have enjoyed using our role play area which is set up as Handa’s fruit market. We even got to taste some of the fruit from the story.

As the weather got warmer we began our seaside topic. We used mixed media to create beautiful seaside and under the sea paintings. We have also been practicing using a paint program on the computer. We have made lovely seaside pictures in the ICT suite. We then got to experience the seaside on our school journey to Minnis Bay! We enjoyed eating ice lollies and building sandcastles. One of our favourite activities this half term was caring for our very own caterpillars. We got to watch them form cocoons and turn into butterflies! We released them out on the field and are keeping our fingers crossed that they come back to visit!