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Sparrow Class

Summer Term - 2018/19

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Spring Term - 2018/19

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Autumn Term - 2018/19


During the Autumn Term Sparrow Class enjoyed reading stories about familiar settings, “Peace at Last”, “The Tiger Who Came to Tea” and “Six Dinner Sid” and had a really exciting Tiger Hunt around the school and then wrote accounts of where the tiger who came to school had been. We focussed on stories by Julia Donaldson in the second part of the term. We read “The Gruffalo”, “The Snail and the Whale”, “Monkey Puzzle”, “Room on the Broom” and “The Gruffalo’s Child” and wrote descriptions of characters and settings using carefully chosen adjectives, hot- seated characters to develop our questioning skills and changed our voices to add interest when reading these stories aloud. Wrote recounts, letters, diary entries, invitations instructions, story sequences and potions for new broomsticks.


Over the Autumn Term we have been counting backwards, forwards and in steps of 2 and 10 from different starting points on a number line and hundred square. We have consolidated our knowledge of number bonds to 10 and developed our instant recall of these with the help of a catchy song. We have been learning how to tell the o’clock and half past time on an analogue clock. We revised our knowledge of 2D and 3D shape names, investigated their properties and sorted them in a variety of ways using different criteria. We have learnt how to use part-part-whole models to solve addition and subtraction problems. We had a very exciting maths week where we paired up with children from Year 2 to work on bar modelling to solve word problems and dressed as Rockstars to mark the start of our use of the “Times Table Rockstars” website.


Materials has been our science topic for the Autumn Term and we have investigated the properties of a variety of materials to decide if they were magnetic, waterproof, soft, hard, transparent or not. We investigated the best material for making a roof for a Lego house and predicted before we tested each material and then decided if our predictions had been correct. We made crash mats using different materials to test if we could stop Humpty Dumpty (hard boiled eggs) from cracking when he fell off his wall. We used a candle to heat different materials to test how this would change each one and discovered that the ice, wax and chocolate melted but the egg solidified!

Creative Curriculum

Houses and Homes was our topic for the first half of the Autumn Term and we painted amazing pictures of our homes for a class display. We labelled drawings of our homes and learnt about the history of a famous home from the past in our local area, Danson House. We made Caribbean inspired patterns on toads from a story we read for Black History Month. We looked at household items from the past and made a historical timeline of houses and homes from the past to the present day.

Toys was the topic for the second half of the Autumn Term and we thought about our favourite toys and why we liked them so much. We learnt about teddies from the past and how these have altered compared to those we have now. We went on a trip to Hall Place to look at Victorian toys and played with hoops and sticks, wooden yo-yos, cups and balls, skittles, whips and tops and hoop-la. We then became Victorian servants and saw lots of Victorian household items and had to wash cloths and smelly socks using a tin bath, washboard, carbolic soap, a dolly and barrel, a mangle and clothes horse and dolly pegs. We had to wear mob-caps to do this. We had a great time thanks to Annie and Helen!

We had a fantastic half term of African drumming with Mr Hughes and developed our musical vocabulary, rhythm, timing and drumming skills.

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