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Nightingale Class

Summer Term - 2018/19

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Spring Term - 2018/19

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Autumn Term - 2018/19


In English at the beginning of the term, we created an A3 non-fiction page all about penguins, by carrying out research, asking and answering questions and learning about the features of non-fiction writing. We then had great fun working towards writing an alternative ending to a story, basing our writing on the book, Miki, written by Stephen Mackey. In this delightful story, Miki is taken deep below the ice to find the star, whilst up top, Penguin and new friend Polar Bear start to worry about her. Using our knowledge from our creative curriculum learning, the children were able to produce a report all about the life of Captain Robert Scott and they used a range of conjunctions to link together factual information. In the final part of the term, we loved reading the book ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers, which the class hugely enjoyed and they wrote an alternative beginning for the story, which is a simple tale about a boy and a penguin and their growing friendship.


Within maths we have been very busy! Each day the children have been working hard on their times tables and counting, being able to count forwards and backwards in odd or even numbers and 10s from any number. We have been learning to partition in different ways, order, compare and sequence numbers. This has been vital in helping to make sure our place value understanding is secure. We worked hard during our addition and subtraction unit, thinking about using a number line, partitioning and using number bonds to add numbers together. When we were confident with this, we moved onto word problems, where we needed to understand the language within the question and use an efficient method to find the answer. As well as this, we also learned about money, where we enjoyed opening our own shops and restaurants, exploring how we pay for things and we looked at how we can make different amounts using the least amount of coins. During the final part of the term we looked in detail at multiplication, thinking about equal groups, repeated addition and gradually moved onto multiplication equations themselves so that we had a deep understanding of the concept.



In science, we began the new school year with our ‘Materials’ topic, where we became experts at describing the properties of a range of materials and their uses. We also had fun designing our very own school shoe, getting hands on with many different materials and deciding on a suitable material for a marble ramp which would be used within a game for children. During our final lesson the children really enjoyed having the opportunity to design their own house. They needed to think about suitable materials for the different parts and suggested reasons as to why certain materials would be better than others. In the second part of the term we moved onto our ‘Plants’ topic and carried out several interesting scientific experiments to find out exactly what plants need in order to grow successfully. We grew bean seeds using hydroponics and pinned these to our classroom display so that we could watch and record the growth of the plants week by week. We also experimented with growing in different conditions including the fridge, cupboard and classroom. We made predictions, kept a bean diary along the way, measured the plants weekly and devised our own conclusions to the experiments so that the children were able to explain what they had found out.

Creative Curriculum

During the Autumn term, Nightingale loved learning about the Arctic and Antarctic. We were able to locate these regions on the map, we researched and found out about the Inuit people, looked at different artefacts from the past and present and found out about ‘The Race to the South Pole’, where brave Robert Scott faced Roald Amundsen in a battle to be first to the South Pole. What an exhausting journey it was! The children also used their precise cutting skills to create beautiful snowflakes, polar animal silhouettes and they were able to explore different weather patterns in the Arctic; using this information to plot a graph.

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