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Shackleton Class







During the Autumn term in Shackleton we were studying The Polar Regions.. We located these regions on a map and discussed why they were so cold! We researched the Inuit people and compared life for them now to what their life was like in the past. We learned all about the ‘The Race to the South Pole’ involving Robert Scott and Roald Amundsen and looked at different artefacts from the past and present. We also practised our cutting skills to make snowflakes and polar animal silhouettes.


In English this term, we carried out research, asked and answered questions and learnt about the features of non-fiction writing. In the end we created beautiful A3 non-fiction pages all about penguins. Next, we started reading the story Miki. We wrote character descriptions, wrote predictions and came up with creative alternative endings for the story. After, using our knowledge from our Creative Curriculum learning, we were able to produce a report all about the life of Captain Robert Scott and used a range of conjunctions to link together factual information. In the final part of the term, we read the book ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. We loved the simple story of friendship and produced some fabulous writing based on the text, including a new beginning.


In maths this term, we worked on ordering, sequencing, and writing numbers. We practised using number lines to solve addition and subtraction problems. Next, we started using arrays to find fractions of amounts as well as using arrays in multiplication and division. Towards the end of the term we looked at time, the properties of 2D and 3D shapes and began to find fractions of shapes. We loved making wanted posters to describe 3D shapes!