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Barfield Class






To begin our year, we have been busy reading ‘The Wind in the Willows’ and ‘The Hobbit’. We have looked at a range of writing genres including descriptions, letters, non-chronological reports and story writing. We have looked at the features of a play script and practised writing our own based on what we have read. We have learnt about letter writing and how to write from a character’s perspective. We understand and can include key features of a letter such as an address, the date, paragraphing and time adverbials.  We have also been able to apply what we have learnt in grammar to improve our sentences by using a range of sentence types and punctuation.



We began our maths this year focusing on consolidating what we already know about number. We have looked at place value and can recognise the value of any number that is three or four digits. We can order numbers and have been using learning to use and apply formal methods to add and subtract. We have recapped on our X3 and X4 tables and are now using what we have learnt so that we know our X6 and X8. We are applying this to multiplication and division questions and understand how we can use the inverse to help us.


Barfield have had lots of fun this term learning about plants as well as forces. We have been able to carry out different experiments such as finding out the best way to care for a plant, whilst using correct scientific vocabulary. We have also improved our prediction skills by using what we already know and using what we have found out, to write effective conclusions. We can recognise that a magnet has two poles and how they can attract or repel an object. We have also improved our understanding on what objects are magnetic and why some objects are magnetic and others aren’t.

Creative Curriculum

This term we have looked at mountains and rivers of the UK. We have been able to find out how to locate a mountain or a river on a map and know the tallest mountains in the UK. We have also looked at the features of mountains and understand key vocabulary such as the peak of a mountain, the summit and the snow line. We have looked at how rivers form and understand the process of the water cycle and how this can impact the world around us.​