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Brunel Class


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This term we have reinforced the concept of place value and partitioned numbers to add and subtract hundreds, tens and ones. As well as this, we have re-visited the concept of greater than and less than, been challenged to find missing numbers in addition and subtraction equations and been provided with lots of opportunity to use and apply our new learning and reason about maths. We have continued to work weekly on concepts related to money, mental arithmetic and time.  Tables have been a big focus throughout the term and we are learning to recall table facts quickly and effectively.  During the term we have thoroughly enjoyed using concrete, pictorial and abstract methods. 


In English we have been reading the Wind in the Willows and the children have particularly enjoyed the humorous elements of this story. Using our knowledge of the main characters we were able to write detailed character descriptions using precise adjectives and adverbs, explore dialogue through drama, and write letters to establish a viewpoint and make predictions.  Our work has provided us with opportunities to write in the first person, use a range of conjunctions and prepositions and begin to use a comma to mark a clause.  Later, we wrote diary entries based on the adventures of Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit and after that, created detailed descriptions of a specific setting that enabled us to use and apply all of our learning.


Our two science topics this term have been plants and forces.  In particular we strengthened our understanding of fair tests by setting up different practical investigations.  We were able to record and present our findings in different ways and draw simple conclusions from them.  We  further developed our understanding of scientific vocabulary, learned the functions of the roots and leaves and observed what plants need to grow healthy.  Later, we carried out practical activities to observe how objects behave on different surfaces, explored magnets and magnetic materials and grouped different materials according to whether they were magnetic or not.

Creative Curriculum

As part of our work on Mountains and Rivers, we looked at different maps of the UK and British Isles.  In doing so, we located different mountain ranges and specific mountains within them.  Following this, we did a detailed study of the features of a mountain and reasoned about the things that would make it difficult to climb a mountain.  Rivers was our next focus and we looked closely at the different features of a river.  We also explored aspects of the water cycle and made connections between our new learning and what we knew about rivers.


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During the Spring Term our main topic has been the Stone Age.  We loved reading about Barney and Stig from the book Stig of the Dump.  In the role of Barney, we wrote a letter to grandma in an attempt to persuade her that Stig was real.  We then produced a piece of non-chronological writing on the Stone Age that focused on the use of technical words and commas to separate a clause. 

Book Week was so exciting!  We looked at the work of Roald Dahl and in particular The BFG.  Each day we listened to Mrs Barton's wonderful recording of the Magic Finger and all of us visited the Book Fair at some point during the week.  All of our English lessons began with an extract from a Roald Dahl book which gave us a taste of some we had not yet read.  We also, created some lovely sketches of different Quentin Blake characters.  The whole week was fantastic and we loved dressing up in our favourite character costumes, making dream jars and dream catchers.


In maths we have continued to learn our tables and to further develop our reasoning skills. In particular, we have focused on handling data which included interpreting data from pictograms, bar charts and, in Science, pie charts.  We later devised our own charts and created questions to go with them.  We thoroughly enjoy shopping from our market stall on Money Monday and tackling the challenge of 24 Tuesday.  A lot of our work has involved using concrete materials and we have used this and our understanding of fluency across all areas of maths to reason and solve problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Creative Curriculum

We were lucky enough to have some resident artists in the school who helped us to produce a wonderful display for our assembly hall.  The butterflies, which we created, represent each and every one of us and demonstrate that  until we spread our wings, we  have no idea how far we can fly. More recently, we have taken on the role of Stone Age hunter-gatherers and visited Danson Park to hunt and gather for food and resources.  We found the task much harder than we thought and realised that Spring would have been a difficult time for these ancient people to find food and that there would have been food in abundance in the Autumn months.  We did find stones, including flint,  that would have made good weapons as well as branches that would have made good bows and fishing rods.  We collected feathers which would be suitable for arrows too.