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Brunel Class




Throughout the Autumn term Brunel have used a variety of texts to support their learning. Firstly, we chose ‘Stig of the Dump’, a delightful story linked to our topic – The Stone Age. Initially we made predictions about what was going to happen, descriptions of main characters and persuasive letters were also created using the book as a focus. Finally we turned part of the story into a play-script. Later, we developed our descriptive writing further, using the book Monsterology and wrote our own ‘monster poems’. Then, we moved onto stories with familiar settings using ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. We really enjoyed all of the books we read during this term.


We have been working hard to deepen our understanding of number, place value, measure, time, money and fractions. We have extended methods for addition and subtraction and further developed our understanding of the relationship between multiplication and division. Learning about and using inverse methods to help us check our answers has been really helpful. Getting to know our times tables has meant that we can often calculate mentally using multiplication and division facts. Lots of work on using and applying all of our knowledge to solve problems has challenged us across all areas of maths.


This term we have explored rocks and soils linking this to our topic on the Stone Age. In particular, we have classified rocks according to their properties, explored igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock and the features of each type. We also looked at permeable and impermeable rocks and different ways rock is used in homes and outside areas according to their properties. After that, we moved on to explore different types of soil and began to understand which soils are good for growing plants. Later, we looked at different forces and carried out investigations to deepen our understanding of a fair test. We learned to make predictions about magnets and their strength when we covered the concept of magnetism. Our work was recorded in pictorial, written and graph formats.

Creative Curriculum

This term we have been learning about the Stone Age through a range of information sources. Initially, we studied time lines and maps to locate the settlements and time period. We were fascinated by the lives of children in the Stone Age and enjoyed our field trip as hunter-gathers, competing with other humans and animals for food. Much of our artwork has been based around Stone Age Cave Paintings Later we then moved on to look closely at the Bronze Age and Iron Age.