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Kapoor Class




In English this term we have looked at a range of different genres including, descriptions, letters, non-chronological reports and play scripts. We were able to write examples of this based on a number of texts that we studied such as’ Stig of the Dump’, ‘Monsterology’ and ‘Where the Wild Things are’. Through these texts we were able to use apply aspects of grammar lessons such as different types of sentences and punctuation, to make our writing more exciting for our readers.


In maths we focussed on number and consolidating what we already know. We looked at the place value for three and four digit numbers, ordering them and even multiplying and dividing by ten. We were also able to consolidate our understanding of multiplication, division and fractions as well as using our knowledge of x3 and x4 to help us with our x6 and x8.


This Autumn term we have really enjoyed learning about rocks and soils as well as forces. We were able to carry out different experiments in both topics and use new scientific vocabulary to help explain processes. We have improved our prediction skills by backing up our ideas with our prior knowledge.

Creative Curriculum

We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Stone Age to the Iron Age. In our Creative Curriculum lessons, we have studied why they were named in this way, how life has changed over time and we have compared them to each other. We have even used our artistic skills to create our own cave paintings.

What a fun term we’ve had!