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We have been extremely busy in our English lessons this term. As our Creative Curriculum topic was ‘The UK including Mountains and Rivers’ we began the term by reading the classic tale, ‘The Wind in the Willows’. We loved reading about these beloved characters and listening to Mr Toad’s crazy escapades! We even wrote him a letter to dissuade him from stealing Lord Snood’s motor car. We tried our best to include all the aspects of grammar that we have been learning in our English lessons. We think we were quite persuasive! Later on in the term, after studying mountains, we were then introduced to another famous story, ‘The Hobbit’. We listened carefully about Bilbo’s amazing adventure to the Lonely Mountain to steal some treasure from the terrifying Smaug’s cave. Again we used and applied our grammar learning, including inverted commas, to write an alternative version of the story. We tried to feel them with suspense and they were very exciting! Finally we looked at non-chronological reports and wrote our very own report based on the fantastic book ‘Dragonology’. We even created and wrote about our very own dragons! What an exciting term!


At the beginning of this term we focussed on place value to ensure that we had consolidated our previous learning and had a good understanding of number. Some of our learning included partitioning numbers in to hundreds tens and ones, comparing numbers, adding and subtracting 10 and 100 and greater than/less than. We were then introduced to a method of calculation called the ‘Expanded Column Method’. We used this to help us to add and subtract two and three digit numbers. This term our learning has also included multiplication and division as well as practising our times tables. We were then able to use these methods to use and apply them to various word and reasoning problems.


We have thoroughly enjoyed our science lessons this autumn term. We began the term by looking at plants. This included looking in depth at the parts of the plant and their functions as well as what plants need in order to grow. In the second part of the term we looked at forces. After looking at push and pull forces, we then looked at magnets, poles and magnetic materials. We carried out various investigations this term. During our investigations we worked scientifically; making predictions, carrying our investigations, recording our results, changing variables and ensuring we conducted a fair test.

Creative Curriculum

This term our topic was ‘The UK including Mountains and Rivers’. We began the topic by looking at the UK and its countries, capitals and major cities. Through this we were able to look at compasses and direction. We looked at the rivers in the UK and we located them on maps. We also did this when looking at mountains. We learnt the vocabulary related to mountains and were able to label these features on various photographs of them. In our art lessons we used water colour paints to create our own mountain masterpieces! We were also asked to solve’ ‘Why do some rivers have cliffs?’ Through this we were able to look at the flow of a river which led us to look at the issue of erosion. We had a great time trying to solve this problem!