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Blackman Class




During the Autumn term, Blackman class based their Writing on the story, The Littlest Viking written by Sandi Toksvig. It was a story about a young Viking girl who is saved by three children when she washed up on the shore of Pegwell Bay in England, she then helped the three young children to save their back garden from being converted into a supermarket! From this story, they wrote our own newspaper reports, persuasive arguments and fictional stories based on what we read.


In maths, their focus was on number and place value. The children in Blackman class can use their knowledge to round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000, also they can order and compare numbers beyond 1000. They have been looking at different methods to solve word problems and securing their knowledge, these included partitioning for subtraction and multiplication and chunking for division.


In science, the children in Year 4 have been looking at sound and animals in their habitats. They looked at how sound is created and how it travels through vibrations. With this knowledge, they could plan their own investigations which included reasons how we made our experiments fair. When looking at animals in their habitats they looked at how to identify different animals using flow charts and then created their own.

Creative Curriculum

In creative curriculum Blackman class have been studying The Vikings. They have been looking at who the Vikings were and where they were from. While studying they looked at artefacts from that time period and the different Viking Gods that Vikings believed in. They also learnt how to write in Viking runes and how life in the Viking period is different to life today.