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Dahl Class




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We have been very busy this term, beginning the year with our topic of Saxons and Vikings. Our work was based around two texts Grendel and the Geat and The Little Viking. First, we looked at using expanded noun phrases to describe settings and characters before using this to write a persuasive and emotive letter asking Beowulf for help. Following this, we looked writing a persuasive argument based on the text The littlest Viking, convincing Mr Gray not to sell the residents garden. Our use of emotive language and rhetorical questions was great! We ended the term by writing an interesting and exciting dilemma to own story. We focused on using fronted adverbials to start our sentences in differing ways rather than being repetitive.




In Maths this term, we did a lot of work on number and place value. We learnt to partition numbers in their thousands and how to use this to add, subtract and order numbers. From this we were then able to multiply numbers by 10, 100, even 1000 with ease. Multiplication has been a big focus for us in Dahl. We are starting to realise the importance of learning our times tables off by heart as we use multiplication and related facts so much in our calculations and mental maths. Knowing our multiplications has helped us to formally record our calculations by partitioning the number, multiplying and adding the two calculations together.



Dahl have enjoyed our Science topics this term. We looked at Sound to begin with. We did lots of experiments and found that sound is a vibration. We learnt that these vibrations travel through the air in sound waves to our ears. We can affect how big these sound waves are by changing the volume and material the sound travels through. After sound, we moved onto Living things. We learnt to group animals into those that are, vertebrates, invertebrates or mammals, fish, reptiles, birds and amphibians. We also went on an exciting mini beast hunt to look at different habitats. Rianna thought she found an alien! But it turned out to be a newt. It was great as many of us had never seen a newt before.


Creative Curriculum


Our Creative topic has been Saxons and Vikings. We learnt who they were and where they lived. We also put key events from both sets into timelines and looked at maps to locate where they travelled from and the route they took to get to England. We then got very creative and designed and made our own Viking boats. We found it quite tricky attaching all the small parts but we got there in the end.