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Dahl Class



This autumn, our topic in Year 4 has been the Vikings. All work has been based around this topic in order for the children to gather a full understanding of these historical figures.

We began by writing newspapers using rich, historical language and applying it to our work. We then composed fictional stories with links to our class text ‘The Littlest Viking’ by Sandi Toksvig . We can write in the past tense, first/third person, use adjectives and adverbials fairly well! It has really made our writing exciting! We have been pushing the correct use of ‘was/were’ and ‘is/are’. Please help us with this grownups!


In maths, our focus has been on number and place value. We have used calculation strategies such as: column addition, partition subtraction and multiplication. We have focused in our times tables too. It’s so important that we know them so please mum and dad, HELP US!!! We need the knowledge in order to 'CHUNK'! Mr Hill and Mrs Corley say ‘chunking’ is easy but we HAVE to know our tables! Our Maths Weeks was a lot of fun too!


In science, are you, listening carefully? Then we’ll begin. S O U N D! We have learnt some incredible facts based on this topic! We know that it travels in waves and the more energy you put into it, the further they travel! Mr Hill claims his could circle the world several times! No arguing there! We had many practical, experimental opportunities too! Tuning forks, drums and forks with string on littered our classrooms!