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Rowling Class

Summer Term - 2018/19

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Spring Term - 2018/19

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Autumn Term - 2018/19


We have been very busy this term, beginning the year with our topic of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings. During the Autumn term, year 4 read an Anglo-Saxon tale – The story of Beowulf and Grendel. It was full of blood and gore, but good won over evil in the end! Using expanded noun phrases, we have written some effective character descriptions.  We have used the text to identify the thoughts and feelings of a character and applied this when writing persuasive letters using emotive language.

We also read ‘The Littlest Viking’ written by Sandi Toksvig. It was a story about a young Viking girl who is saved by three children when she washed up on the shore of Pegwell Bay in England. She then helped the three young children to save their back garden from being converted into a supermarket! From this story, we wrote some really persuasive arguments using rhetorical devices and our own ‘voyage and return’ stories. Focusing on our senses, we created some fantastic poems based on Amber’s voyage using a range of descriptive devices.


In Maths, we started the year with a focus on place value in number. This included rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and 100 and developing our understanding of negative numbers. We have been learning a variety of methods to add and subtract effectively, including partitioning, the column method and using a number line.  We have been finding out how to use the inverse to check our answers. We have been busy practising our times table skills and having fun using Times Table Rockstars. We secured our knowledge of multiplying and dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000 and how the place value of the digits change. Throughout the term we have been talking and reasoning about our work and explaining how we found our answers. During Maths Week, we developed our understanding of bar models. We drew our own bar models to represent addition and subtraction equations, we used them to help us visualise and solve problems and even created our own word problems to support year 3 with their bar modelling.


How is sound made?  This is what we have been investigating this term in science.  We have used practical investigations to find out how sound is made and how we can change the pitch and volume of a sound.During the second half of the term, we studied the three states of matter – solid, liquid and gas. We learnt about how particles behave differently in each and how they change when we increase or decrease the temperature. 

Creative Curriculum

This term we have been learning about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.  We have found out about when they lived and where they came from.  We researched the clothes they wore, the jobs they did and even became estate agents trying to sell Viking houses. We also learnt how to write in Viking runes, the different Gods they believed in and how life in the Viking period is different to life today. During our class assembly, we demonstrated all that we had learnt about the Vikings and performed a fantastic Viking song!

To celebrate Black History Month, we read a story from Swaziland and found out about the physical and human features in Swaziland and how they are different from those in our local area. We created printing blocks using string and printed our own patterns.

During anti-bullying week, we discussed a variety of important issues. We decided what made a good friend and how we keep friends, we identified what bullying is, how to deal with bullying and how we can support those that are being bullied. We discovered that everyone is different and celebrated those differences and highlighted our uniqueness by wearing odd socks. We also learnt about cyber bullying and how to stay safe on line. We have achieved so much in our first term in year 4!

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