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Victoria Class



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This Autumn term, we have based our writing around two texts that link to our Creative Curriculum topic (the Victorians). These texts are Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ and Berlie Doherty’s ‘Street Child’. We wrote a diary entry as Dr. Jekyll from the moment he took a potion which turned him into the evil Mr Hyde; we found it interesting exploring the emotions and thoughts which both personalities of the character might have had. We learned a lot about Victorian workhouses from ‘Street Child’ and were able to reflect this in some superb descriptive writing about workhouses and the atrocious conditions people were forced to work under. Later on in the term, inspired by Roald Dahl’s book ‘Boy: Tales of Childhood’, we wrote our own auto-biographies. We showcased excellent listening skills, and even empathy, during lessons when listening to the key moments in our classmates’ lives.


At the start of the year, we began by consolidating and developing our understanding of place value up to one million. Using our improved understanding of number and place value, we were able to multiply and divide numbers (including decimals) by 10, 100 and 1,000 effectively as well as round numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1,000 and 10,000. Other topics we have covered in the Autumn term include: finding factors of numbers, identifying prime numbers up to 100 (using divisibility rules), finding square and cube numbers and calculating the area and perimeter of compound shapes. We have also learned how to read and write Roman numerals up to 1,000 (M).


This Autumn, we have studied animals (including humans) and properties of materials. We have sought after patterns, analysing the relationship between the gestation period of animals compared with their mass. We enjoyed measuring the heights of a range of children across different year groups to gather our own data showing how children’s height changes with age. We have enjoyed many practical investigations throughout the term, including observing different materials to see whether they’d dissolve in hot water as well as how different types of cup affect the time taken for a hot drink to cool down, using observational skills to read thermometers at consistent time intervals.

Creative Curriculum

Creative Curriculum lessons have taught us all about what life would have been like in the Victorian times. We have been able to compare our lives to those of children in the Victorian era. We were taken on an enlightening school trip to an old Victorian school in Horton Kirby where we found out that schools were very strict: children had to stand up when a teacher entered the room and they weren’t even allowed to ask questions during lessons! We used computers and other sources to independently research key, famous figures from the Victorian era such as Lord Shaftesbury, Charles Dickens, Robert Peel and Florence Nightingale. Afterwards, we presented our findings back to the class in pairs through role-playing interviews with the famous figures.