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House Masters

At Danson all children become part of a School House, with a House Master who oversees each one. The four Houses at Danson are:

Lancelot - Green
Richmond - Blue
Taylor - Yellow
Boyd – Red

The House names were chosen to represent key historical people who made an impact within our local area.

-Mr Lancelot "Capability" Brown was a landscape architect and co-designed Danson Park.

-Mr Nathaniel Richmond co-designed Danson Park with “Capability” Brown.

-Sir Robert Taylor was an architect who designed the Bank of England and Danson House.

-Sir John Boyd was the Vice Chairman of British East India company and lived in Danson House.

The Masters are:

  • Lancelot led by Mr. Woodward
  • Richmond House led by Miss Jones
  • Taylor House led by Miss McCulloch
  • Boyd House led by Miss Young

    The House Master will be directly responsible for the actions and behaviour of all the children in that house.

The House Captains will also be responsible.

  • The House Captains jobs are as follows:
  • To be a direct link from House Masters to House Captains to house groups.
  • They will pass on information to houses about House Events.
  • They will encourage students in their houses to get involved in House Activities and will be expected to lead by example, taking part themselves wherever this is possible.
  • They will come up with a fund raising activity during their time as House Captains. that raises money for the school.
  • They will meet with their House Masters termly.