Financial Education

Danson as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Financial Education

Danson Primary School is proud to announce that it has been recognised as a 'Centre of Excellence in Financial Education' by Young Money (formerly PFEG).

Across the school, we have incorporated the teaching of financial education into many different areas of our curriculum. In line with Young Money’s programme, pupils’ learning has covered four different strands: how to manage money, becoming a critical consumer, managing risks and emotions associated with money and understanding the important role money plays in our lives.

NatWest’s MoneySense Scheme

Having earned Young Money’s ‘Centre of Excellence in Financial Education’ award, Danson is now working towards becoming a MoneySense school. Created by NatWest, the school accreditation programme recognises schools with a strong commitment to financial education. As well as this, schools must actively engage with their wider community in order to help develop their pupils’ financial literacy.

On Friday 4th May, 2018, Year One took part in a workshop called ‘How we use money’ whilst Years Four and Five practised being detectives in their ‘Fraud scene investigators’ workshop, helping them to understand the dangers of identity theft and fraud. We are very grateful to the nine volunteers - who work within the banking sector - that came in and supported the children over the course of the day. The volunteers were very complimentary of the children they worked with and we look forward to welcoming some of them back to our school later on in the year to assist Years Three and Six with their workshops.

For more information about the MoneySense scheme, visit On this webpage, there is a parents section where you can access activities to play at home with your child/ children.
Our continued commitment to the teaching and learning of financial education at Danson aims to provide all of our pupils with the opportunity to grow up with the life skills, knowledge and confidence they need to successfully earn and manage money.