Afterschool Club

After School Club finishes at 5:45pm and costs £10.00 per session.

Please contact the School Office for further information.


After School Club

We offer a light snack and a pudding.

Options available may include:

-Crackers with low fat spread and cheese

-Beans on toast

-Ham/cheese wraps

-Tuna sandwich

-Toast with honey and low sugar jam

-Spaghetti on toast

-Fresh fruit


-Rice pudding or custard

-Salad is available daily

-Fruit juice and water

Activities include construction, colouring and drawing, role play, play dough and board games. There is also a reading corner and an area for quiet activities. This area can be used if children choose to do homework or want to socialise in a relaxed atmosphere. The field and playground are used for outdoor games, weather permitting. Children are supervised at all times.