Our School Curriculum

Early Years Foundation Stage

Early Years learning challenges children and encourages them to develop into independent, motivated learners and thinkers, full of curiosity about the world around them within a fun, happy and secure environment.Within the Nursery we focus on ensuring that children settle quickly and have a smooth transition into Reception.  Our Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is based on six areas of learning:

Prime Areas of Learning

 Communication and  Language

Physical Development

Personal, Social and Emotional Development 

Specific Areas of Learning



Understanding of the World

Expressive Arts and Design

These skills and competencies will enable them to cope with the demands of later schooling and life generally.  Children are encouraged to explore, enquire and to take risks in an interactive hand-on environment. This includes the use of interactive whiteboards and computers, as well as dedicated high quality outdoor learning areas.

Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Danson Primary School, along with all other state schools, is required to work within the framework of the National Curriculum.  This means that we are required to teach a broad and balanced curriculum.  The subjects of the primary National Curriculum are English, Mathematics, Science, Information Technology, History, Geography, Music, Design and Technology, Religious Education, Art and Physical Education.

The wider school curriculum includes cross curricular themes such as citizenship, environmental education and personal, social and health education. In addition the school has a wide programme of extra-curricular activities which further enhances the breath of what is taught at the school.


2014 Curriculum

In preparation for the New Curriculum in 2014 we have begun to incorporate key learning aspects from both core and foundation subject into our medium term plans in readiness for September 2014.


Themed Learning Weeks

During the school year we have had several 'themed' learning weeks. (Please refer to yearly planner)  This has provided pupils with the opportunity to use the skills that they have acquired throughout the term and to celebrate their learning across classes and Key Stages.  We have also scheduled three weeks which celebrate our global link to a school in Malawi.  We are very excited for our themed weeks scheduled next term.  

School Assemblies

A high quality school assembly is an important aspect of our school's curriculum. Assemblies create the potential to nurture a positive school ethos that stresses care for the self, others and the pursuit of all forms of excellence.  Assemblies throughout each key stage at Danson Primary School make a positive contribution to pupil self-development, and is integral to the raising achievement and standards. We encourage pupils to reflect upon a set of universal values, which act as the foundation not only for religious education (RE) but for the development of personal, social and health education (PSHE), citizenship and the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) aspects of the curriculum.  The children have the opportunity to become involved in a variety of class and Key Stage Assemblies which include:

-‘Singing’ Assembly

-‘X Factor’ Assembly

-‘PHSE/SEAL’ Assembly

-'Visitors’/'Headteacher’/'Reading' Assembly

-‘Celebration’ Assembly


Curriculum Plans

Please click for the Curriculum Plan for each year group


NurseryReceptionYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
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Home Learning

Class teachers set weekly home learning tasks/activites for your child to share with you.  The tasks are usually based on learning that has been completed that week or is linked a research aspect within  the Creative Curriculum.  Nursery, Reception and Year 1 send home a weekly newsletter sharing the tasks completed. Years 2-6 complete the home learning section in their reading journal.  If you have any further enquires please speak to your child's class teacher or the school office.