Anti-Bullying/Kindness Ambassadors



On Wednesday 19th September we attended an Anti-Bullying/Kindness Ambassador training day with other schools from the Local Authority. The day focused on activities aimed at identifying what bullying was, how to prevent bullying and supporting their peers so that everyone feels happy and safe in school. We gained lots of inspiration and ideas on how we can promote this at Danson.

We are looking forward to working with Mrs Stephens, Miss McCulloch and all the pupils in school our Anti Bullying Week/Days that occur throughout the school year. We would like to thank Mrs Stephens, Miss McCulloch and Mrs Kenny (School Governor) for bringing us to this important event.




Anti-Bullying/Kindness Week

From the 12th -16th of November all the pupils at Danson, came together to learn, reflect and participate in our Anti-Bullying Week. The theme for this year was ‘Choosing Respect’. The children took part in a variety of activities based around daily themes. On Monday, the children focused on friendship and considered what qualities made a good friend and how to be a good friend. On Tuesday, the attention was on bullying. The children developed a greater understanding of what bullying is, the different types of bullying and how we can help. The focus for Wednesday was celebrating and respecting each others differences. On Thursday, the children looked at cyber-bullying and how we can stay safe on line. The entire week was rounded off with Odd Socks Day on Friday to celebrate that we are all unique. The children had so much fun, but also covered some important issues.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

We launched the week with a fantastic assembly for KS1 and KS2. We introduced the children to what bullying is, the Diana Awards and highlighted the activities that were happening in the week. We really understand the importance of our role in the school and will continue to work really hard as Anti-Bullying/Kindness Ambassadors, for Danson.




Anti-Bullying Poster Competition

Thank you to all those children that created so many amazing anti-bullying posters. We had lots of entries and it was very difficult to choose winners from each year group. With the help of the anti-bullying ambassadors, we finally managed to select some winners from each year group. They were awarded certificates and prizes in assembly. Congratulations to all the winners!

Reception – Denny, Vlad
Year 1 – Emilia, Victor
Year 2 – Teodor, Ava
Year 3 – Aarush, Emily
Year 4 – Chloe , Jayden
Year 5 – Zahra, Millie
Year 6 - Thamina, Bailey



Odd Socks Day It was fantastic to see so many children wearing a vast variety of unique and brightly coloured odd socks on Friday. Thank you for all your support and co-operation with Anti-Bullying Week.

Anti-Bulling/Kindness Ambassadors, Mrs Stephens and Miss McCulloch.