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The sports council consists of 10 pupils made up of 2 children from each year group from year 3 to year 6. Children meet with Mr. Corley to discuss all aspects of PE/Lifestyle at Danson. This ensures sport is seen as inclusive and accessible to all members of the school.
These councilors work with Mr. Corley to improve the quality and selection of sports that the school teach or participate in. They take opinions from their classmates and feedback information which helps to inform decision and create a sporting ethos.

Our Sports Council have four main aims:

1. We believe that children come in all shapes and sizes. Let talent and abilities shine through.
2. To be a pupil voice for all children at Danson.
3. To showcase talents and develop skills by holding competitions.
4. To promote physical activity and healthy lifestyles through providing sports activities which are inclusive.



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Autumn Term - 2018/2019