SMSC is the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our children. At Danson we believe that these areas are intrinsic to the daily life of the school, as well as promoting the Danson and British Values. We aim to develop and nurture these through our everyday teaching to create well-rounded, empathetic individuals.At Danson, we explore beliefs and feelings whilst giving children opportunities to reflect on themselves and their learning throughout their daily lives.  Danson teaches the children to have a good understanding of what is right and wrong as well opportunities to discuss moral and ethical issues. Pupils develop and hone their social skills in order to apply them in a wide range of situations. Pupils have the opportunities to experience and understand different cultures and develop an awareness of the different cultures that make up the UK.

SMSC is threaded throughout a relevant, broad and balanced curriculum at Danson.

Our PSHE curriculum is taught through six themes that strives to give pupils at Danson the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe, to form and manage relationships, to make informed choices and build their confidence.  The content of the themes is built upon and developed as they move through the school so that they have access to a range of topics that are relevant and age appropriate. Circle time is an integral part of PSHE lessons and is used to provide a forum in which pupils can explore feelings, develop understanding and practise skills. It provides a time to explore and debate challenging issues all children have to deal with.

The RE curriculum is planned directly from the new 2014 Bexley syllabus, and is based on key faiths. As a result pupils learn respect for others which is based on a deeper knowledge and understanding.

All areas of SMSC are promoted throughout our Creative Curriculum topics and theme days and weeks timetabled throughout the year, including; anti-bullying week, Black History Month, Creative Curriculum and Global Citizenship Week, Sports Week and other dates for celebration.